2 Interleukin-2 is a cytokine secreted by activated T cells that regulates the proliferation.

A far more likely explanation is that the treatment differences in the last studies were chance results. This emphasizes the significance of conducting powered, randomized trials to judge novel therapeutic strategies. Surrogate markers often usually do not accurately predict the clinical ramifications of a treatment. The peripheral-blood total CD4+ cell count only explains the beneficial ramifications of antiretroviral therapy partially.24,25 These studies reaffirm that effects of a novel intervention that positively perturb degrees of prognostic markers need to be assessed and validated in trials with scientific end factors before those markers could be deemed dependable surrogates relating to that intervention.‘Coping with rheumatoid arthritis is a life-long challenge, but it has never stopped me from continuing my education,’ says Nirupa Varatharasan, 23, from Toronto, ON, among eight 2009 UCBeyond RA Scholarship recipients. ‘The fact that a scholarship exists for students like me is a great thing. I have many years of school forward to attain my goal to become a medical expert and the assistance provided by UCB Canada will definitely help ease the monetary burden.’ Kyle Steward, 18, from Oakville, ON, and a recipient of this year’s 2009 UCBeyond Crohn’s Disease Scholarship, has utilized a different method to help him conquer the barriers of his disease. ‘Crohn’s disease isn’t a topic that’s widely discussed in Canadian culture due to the taboo character of the symptoms.