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Due to flaws in the way the statutory legislation was designed, the formula provides mandated physician fee cuts almost every full year for days gone by decade. Short-term congressional fixes possess stopped the cuts, yet with out a permanent solution, the cuts grow deeper each full year. The cost to repair the problem has skyrocketed, thereby jeopardizing access to high-quality care for Medicare patients. Inaction by Congress threatens a lot more than just patient access; it threatens jobs.Promoting wellness through a well balanced and correct diet, according for different food custom of European Countries, is the mission of FLORA.. AMIA joins AmericanEHR Companions as content provider The American Medical Informatics Association , the leading professional association for informatics professionals, has joined AmericanEHR Partners as a content provider, joining more than 20 professional societies that support the free online resource. AmericanEHR Partners provides extensive information to support clinicians in the choice and usage of electronic health records to be able to improve healthcare delivery. It was founded by the American College of Doctors and Cientis Systems.