The Beacon Award provides Gold.

31, 2013. The Beacon Award for Excellence lauds hospital units that employ evidence-based practices to boost family and patient outcomes. The Beacon Award provides Gold, Silver and Bronze levels of recognition to hospital devices that exemplify excellence in professional practice, patient outcomes and care. Recognition continues for 3 years before models can reapply. Beacon-designated products meet requirements in five groups that are in keeping with criteria for national awards, including Magnet Recognition, the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality National and Award Quality Health care Award. Units that have the award demonstrate practices that align with AACN's Healthy Work Environment Standards for optimal caution.The scholarly study found a link, she said, nonetheless it wasn’t designed to prove a cause-and-effect relationship. We don’t know which method [the association] will go, she added. The kids with less disease activity could be more likely to exercise, or the workout may reduce the disease activity. More study is needed to figure out which is which, she said. The scholarly study was published online Aug. 12 in the journal Neurology. In multiple sclerosis, your body’s disease fighting capability attacks the fatty substance called myelin that surrounds and protects nerve fibers.