Until we get rid of these beliefs and start living in truth.

5. When you have Post Traumatic Stress, there is absolutely no real way to eliminate it. Post Traumatic Stress includes a beginning. Just because a beginning is had because of it, it can have a finish, a resolution. Efficiently healing it means finding methods to heal those feelings and emotions behind it successfully. No veteran has to be crippled for the others of his/her life. 6. PTSD is a disease. Disease is defined as a disorder of structure or function in a human being, animal, or plant, especially one which produces specific signs or symptoms or that affects a particular location and isn’t simply a direct consequence of physical injury.The good trend for operating outcomes is expected to continue in 2012. Due to the favorable operating outcomes, the risk-adjusted capital level of ODSHP provides stabilized and proven incremental growth over the last two years. The ratings also consider the strategic and operational importance this entity has within ODS, in addition to its integration with and the explicit support it has received through the years from ODS, thereby providing rating enhancement.