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Tim Beard from the institute seems that the primary reason will there be are fewer Australian children in need of adoption due to the growing acceptance of births out of wedlock, better contraceptive and elevated sex education. He remarked that less than half of all adoptions are of kids born in Australia, with most adoptions from coming from Asian countries. Inter-country adoptions today comprise 54 per cent of the total weighed against just 10 percent as recently as 1984-85. More than 80 per cent of inter-country adoptions are from Asia the survey said. The Philippines is the leading nation of origin now, accounting for 22 percent of all adoptions.Overall, the total global derivatives bubble can be more than 700 trillion dollars in proportions.’ ‘Heal the ‘wounds’ of austerity’ Is a deal in the offing, however? Reuters reported Feb. 13 that Greek leaders possess agreed to talk to its creditors as a way out from the financial mess coming: Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, going to his first EU summit, agreed with the chairman of euro zone finance ministers, Jeroen Dijsselbloem, that Greek officials would match representatives of the European Commission, the European Central Lender and the IMF on Friday. ‘ agreed today to consult the institutions to engage with the Greek authorities to start out focus on a technical assessment of the normal ground between the current program and the Greek government’s plans,’ Dijsselbloem tweeted.